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Snowshill Manor & Village

Snowshill Village & Manor

Snowshill Manor, nestled in the picturesque Gloucestershire countryside, is a captivating and unique historic property that transports visitors back in time. This charming manor, a National Trust property, is renowned for its eclectic collection of antiques, art, and curiosities, all amassed by its former owner, Charles Wade.

The manor itself is a stunning Cotswold stone building, dating back to the 16th century, with beautiful gardens that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The property exudes an aura of timelessness, and its architecture, combined with the lush greenery, provides a tranquil setting that enchants visitors.

Inside Snowshill Manor, the real treasure is Charles Wade’s astonishing and diverse collection of over 22,000 objects, carefully curated during his lifetime. Each room within the manor is like stepping into a different world, as it’s filled with an assortment of rare and intriguing items, from samurai armor and musical instruments to model villages and quirky furniture.

Wade’s fascination with collecting is evident in his attention to detail and his keen eye for the extraordinary. His passion for preserving these artifacts and sharing them with the public is a testament to his commitment to historical preservation.

In addition to the manor and its collections, Snowshill offers enchanting gardens that reflect Wade’s love for nature. These beautifully maintained gardens are divided into different “garden rooms,” each with its own character and design, providing visitors with a serene space to explore and enjoy.

Snowshill Manor is a captivating destination for history enthusiasts, art aficionados, and anyone seeking a unique and immersive experience. It allows visitors to step into the life of a dedicated collector and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

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