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Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

Glastonbury is situated in the heart of the Somerset Levels, approximately 6 miles south of the Cathedral City of Wells. The town is renowned for its mythical and mystical history and today still has a very spiritual, progressive culture and attitude to life.

There’s many attractions to explore in Glastonbury. As you approach Glastonbury from Wells you can’t help but notice the majesty of the Tor and  Tower on its summit. For centuries this has been a place of pilgrimage for Pagans and Christians.

At the foot of the Tor hill is the White Spring Well and Temple. A candle lit cavern that is beautifully decorated and on occasion is used for spiritual ceremonies, baptisms and blessings.

Also close by is the Chalice Well or Red Spring. There’s evidence this well has been in use for over two thousand years. The water has a distinctive red colour as it’s high in iron oxide minerals and is reported to have powerful healing properties. Christian legend marks this Well as a possible location for the Holy Grail, the chalice used by Jesus Christ at the last Supper and used to collect his blood at his crucifixion.

The Chalice Well is located near to the centre of Glastonbury and is only a short walk from Glastonbury Abbey, a Monastery ruin from the 8th century. Nearby is Glastonbury High Street which is brimming with interesting shops selling rare books, ceremonial incense and healing herbs. You will also find some of the best and most diverse vegetarian and vegan food on offer.

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