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Stonehenge, Avebury or Salisbury

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Stonehenge is about 1 hour from Bath and most people spend about 1 hour at the site. It is very close to the Medieval city of Salisbury with the magnificent Salisbury cathedral. The cathedral has the highest spire in the UK and houses the best of the 4 remaining copies of The Magna Carta. Combining these 2 sites is very easy and would require about 4 to 5 hours.

Alternatively, you could combine Avebury and Stonehenge, if your passion is ancient stone circles. Avebury being 500 years older than Stonehenge. Again about 5 hours required.

Another combination would be including Lacock and Castle Combe with Avebury, or Lacock with Stonehenge.

You could add any of the places above to the half day suggestions, but that would take you nearer to a full day trip.

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Avebury Stone Circles, Wiltshire


Avebury Stone Circle possibly exceeds Stonehenge as the largest, most spectacular and complex prehistoric site in Britain. Built and adapted

Stonehenge, Wiltshire


Stonehenge is located near the small Ancient town of Amesbury in the rolling hills of the West Wiltshire countryside. The

Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire


Salisbury is located in south Wiltshire, close to the Hampshire border. It has great historic significance dating back to medieval


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