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Bath to Manchester

Bath to Manchester Albert Square

The journey from Bath to Manchester is approximately 180 miles long. Travel time is roughly 3 hours 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on traffic congestion which can happen around Manchester during peak times.

Manchester is one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the UK. Situated slightly north east of Liverpool, its origins are in trade and transport. A big cotton & textile area during the industrial revolution, Manchester as an extensive network of historical transportation routes including the recently rejuvenated Manchester Ship Canal.

As a large population area, Manchester has great economic and cultural significance to the United Kingdom. It has a large financial district and the recently expanded ‘Media City’ in the Salford district has become the new headquarters for the BBC North of England.

Manchester is famous for its music scene with great venues for live bands of all genres.  The city is also famous for soccer, being the home of arguably the world’s most well known football club, Manchester United.

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